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Apr 2015 SEO Web Design

New Website for Octant Marketing

We have launched a lot of websites since 1998, but none have been as interesting as the one we launched last month for Octant Marketing.

Octant Marketing is a specialist aerospace and aviation marketing company.  Because my background is solidly based in marketing principles, it turned out to be an extra fun project for me as it pushed me to the next level on my marketing skills (which I was more than up for).  Octant didn’t need a website, they needed an online marketing piece.  And that is what we delivered.

Their site was designed in tandem with them to create something truly bespoke, something that not only drove new business and helped them with SEO (which is already faring better than their old site without any additional off-page SEO), but also captured who Octant Marketing really are…and what they do for their clients.

We are very pleased with the results, and so is Octant.  Check out the lovely web design testimonial they left for us, and let us know if we can make something bespoke for you that works.

Posted by: Joss Earl

Apr 19, 2015

The team is bursting with creativity

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In a crowded market-place, Rareform New Media stands out. The team is bursting with creativity, and responsive to your aims on promoting your business's culture. They are always a pleasure to deal with. No better place to interpret and present your unique offering.