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Jun 2024 Web Design

Hiring a web designer in Oxford

We’re hiring a web designer in Oxford.

(& we want you…if you’re awesome) 


We’re looking for either…

  1. High end, experienced, bleeding edge XD web designer who understands at least a bit of marketing and knows how to design with SEO in mind. OR
  2. Mid level XD designer that has a great eye and is looking to up their game, learn a bit on the job.

Must have skills:  Adobe XD, Illustrator. Can design websites with confidence. Logo/branding experience is also good as it always ties into the website. Eye for design that is beyond the template static norm. Easy going personality and good communication skills.

Nice to have: Able to design Lottie animations, video editing skills of any kind, marketing knowledge, enough SEO to be able to design better websites.

Do not want: If you’re a web designer and developer, this isn’t the job for you. We’re looking for a pure web designer. In 26 years of business we have never run across someone who can do both to a high standard. We want a solid web/graphic designer. If you know a wee bit of code to be able to talk to developers, sure that’s fine. The owner is a pure designer, but knows enough code to get by if a gun is pointed to her head. In her own words ‘I would rather dig out my eyes with a spoon than have to code’. No developers wanted, we are covered.



Things to note: We do not care if you have gone to university, we just need someone who is good at their job. If you’re just using Canva and want to break into this, we need someone with more experience than that.

About Rare Form: We’re located in Oxford, UK but you can be remote, but only UK or US based only. This is because a lot of our projects are client facing and we need someone who can speak directly to the clients without issue. Ideal candidate will have native English speaking skills or such solid English skills you might as well be native. We don’t care where you were born as long as your communication skills in writing, speaking etc are 100% fluent.  We have been burned before with people who said they were fluent and were not, and things were lost in translation.  If you’re in Oxfordshire all the better as you will be able to attend meetings if needed, and you’re welcome to work at the office or from home, we’re very flexible.

The owners and most of our staff are neurospicy. We tend to attract one another it seems, and we tend to work well with one another. We are a neurodivergent friendly workspace.

We don’t have pointless meetings. If we have a meeting it’s because we actually need one. We don’t micromanage, we expect anyone at Rare Form to just get on with their work.

The company was founded by a woman and still run by one, sometimes that makes a difference to candidates.



To apply please send us the following:


  1. Your website if you have one
  2. Your portfolio (if it isn’t on the website)
  3. Your CV or resume (again, we don’t care if you went to university)
  4. Latest XD design review link you’ve been working on, or more if you have them to show us what you can do. – If you cannot provide at least one link, do not apply.
  5. Pay expectations. We pay fairly and commensurate with your level of experience. Job is freelance to start to see if we’re a good fit, then can move to permanent if it is working for both of us.
  6. Email this with the title ‘I WANT THE JOB’ (yes, in all caps) to howdy(at)rareformnewmedia.com  That’s so we can filter out the responses.
  7. Response.Our PM will be in touch after we review all of the applications to set up interviews with the owner/lead designer. If you do not hear back, we apologise, last time we got a lot of responses, and we will do our best to get back to you.

Please read this…we won’t change our mind on agencies and recruiters:

NO AGENCIES. NO RECRUITERS. If you email us as this we will report you as spam.

Again you must be UK or US based, we have a lot of clients stateside so it would be fine if you are US based. Time zones…EST/CST is easier due to time difference but for the right person we can handle the west coast.


Thank you for your interest. We truly hope you are having a wonderful day and the sun is shining where you are.

Love in epic web design, Team Rare Form xo



Posted by: Jean Paldan

Jun 11, 2024

Great support and service

33 Beaumont St

Great support and service from the fantastic team at Rare Form on getting our new website up and running. So pleased with the efficient manner in which the works were completed... and all delivered in an affordable package