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The best E-commerce websites in Oxfordshire

E-commerce in Oxford

If you are looking to get an e-commerce website designed in Oxford, you’ve come to the right place. Our e-commerce websites don’t just look awesome, they are designed around solid marketing principles and user experiences that convert. 

Online purchasing has evolved so far that your customers expect the highest levels of excellence in your store, from ease of navigation to intuitive purchasing and checkout.  Our e-commerce sites are simple without being basic, elegant without fuss. They are places your customers will want to shop.


Stand out from the competition

E-Commerce with Impact

A fist punching through the screen toward the viewer

Online stores that impress your customers

Once, just being able to sell online was all you needed to make online sales. Now the marketplace is vastly overpopulated, which means to win, you need to not just show up, you need to stand out. A Stanford study showed that 86% of people discern the credibility of a company based on the design of their website. The more credible your e-commerce website, the more you will sell. 

All of our e-commerce websites are designed & developed from scratch from our central Oxford offices. We don’t use pre-existing templates and simply shoehorn your brand and content into them. Our sites are all bespoke, designed and built to the highest specification, with your brand personality in mind,  so that your business stands out from your competition.

Simple and intuitive controls

E-commerce that is easy to manage

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We want you to be in control of your own store

We develop e-commerce sites that are easy to take care of. Once you are up and running, adding and changing products is something you’ll be able to do yourself with a minimum of fuss. 

We believe your e-commerce store should be something that just works rather than being a whole other job for you. Your online business may be your baby, but you shouldn’t be having to babysit it all the time.

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payment gateways

Show you the money

Taking the headache out of taking payment

Taking payment is fundamental to online business. There are more than a few choices when it comes to how you implement that in your store. Fortunately, we have experience working with all the major payment gateways on the web.

From WorldPay to PayPal, Stripe to Klarna, we are able to implement whatever your preference, or advise you on which will work best for your business if you find it all a bit of a minefield.

streamlining shipping settings

Shipping, handled.

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Send stuff without stress

It’s all very well being able to sell your products online, but unless you’re going to be running a collect-only service, you need to ship your products out to your customers.  All our eCommerce sites have shipping and handling built-in.

We can use your preferred shipping partner or advise if you don’t have a preference.  All of the mechanisms for calculating costs and arranging shipping are applied at the point of purchase, meaning one less job for you to deal with. And if you like, we can include collection from store too.

e-commerce fun facts

The UK has the third leading e-commerce market in the world, just behind China and the US. UK online purchases total more than Germany and France combined.

Be seen from the outset

Explode on to the web

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All our sites come with on-page SEO configured

Of course, having the best looking, easiest to use site isn’t much use unless you’re going to have traffic to it (unless you’re a book store run by Dylan Moran). That’s why all our e-commerce sites only go live with proper SEO in place so that your customers can find you through web searches based on what you sell. 

We’ll also show you how to make sure you tick the right SEO boxes whenever you add new products to your store yourself.

E-commerce for wordpress

WooCommerce Websites

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Can we WooCommerce? Yes We Can.

WooCommerce is perfect for existing WordPress sites that want to add e-commerce or e-commerce sites that want more than basic shop functionality.  Being an extension of WordPress, it is possibly the most flexible platform for online shopping sites.

Our WooCommerce sites look beautiful, are easy to administer, and work for you rather than being work for you.

simplest store solution

Showy Shopify

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Online stores that don't look like just another Shopify site

Shopify is one of the best things to happen to e-commerce. Never before has it been so easy to get an online store up and running, with tools that help you run your business with less fuss than ever. Of course, this means so many Shopify stores that look and behave like all the others.
Rare Form can develop Shopify stores with bespoke themes, as well as tweak functionality to just what you need for your business to operate most effectively. Our Shopify stores are as individual as our clients.

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