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Discord: the best communication tool for business (vs. Slack or Zoom)

Slack & Zoom should be shaking in their boots, as Discord is the new business communication tool

Talking to your team online in a quick and efficient manner is essential for every business. And picking the right communication tool is essential. The default for many businesses is Slack, or Zoom…but here at Rare Form we have moved all of our comms to Discord. It combines the best of Slack chat, with best in class sound and video…and best of all,  it’s free. Plus it adds a lot of functionality that fosters teamwork, allows for greater customisation, community creation and more. I will say that it was created for gamers (which is why I know about it…I play a lot of Call of Duty), but it surpasses Slack and Zoom in terms of sound clarity and functionality.

Crystal-Clear Conversations: A Discord Specialty

First off, Discord’s voice and video capabilities are nothing short of stellar (which after using Huddle’s in Slack is a great thing). In every voice or video call,  every word is as clear as if your team was right there with you, making remote work feel less remote. Unlike Zoom, which focuses on video, and Slack, which treats voice and video more like add-ons, Discord is designed to make digital communication feel as personal and effortless. This came in very handy recently while going over a large app project with our developers, designers, and then roping in the client.

Voice:  Slack: 2/10 sound is always bad  |  Zoom 8/10 video could be clearer |   Discord 10/10 – video is clearer than Zoom


Yep, Discord is free

Now, let’s talk about the cherry on top: Discord is free to use. Yes, you read that right.  Discord offers an exceptionally generous free tier with unlimited video, server creation, and chat. Only limitation is 25MB uploads.  While Slack and Zoom also offer free versions, in comparison to Discord, they come with severe limitations. Discord, on the other hand, ensures your team’s dialogue is uninterrupted, and doesn’t ask you to reach for your wallet.

Free version : Slack: 0/10 no video  |  Zoom:  0/10 you have to pay to go over 45 minutes | Discord: 10/10 you can talk on voice and/or video forever without paying anything.


Your Communication Swiss Army Knife

Discord is like that multi-tool gadget you can’t live without; it adeptly brings together voice, video, text, and the ability to share and collaborate on documents all in one place. This eliminates the juggle and hassle of switching between apps, making your team’s workflow as smooth as silk. Slack and Zoom each have their strengths, but when it comes to having everything you need in one convenient package, Discord wins.

All in One App:  Slack:  0/10 only text  |  Zoom: 0/10 only video  | Discord: 10/10 it has everything, voice, video, text, groups, and communities in one place.




Tailor-Made for Your Team

What sets Discord apart is how it lets you craft the perfect digital workspace. Whether you’re setting up dedicated channels for different teams or projects, or having a dedicated servers for clients and their projects, Discord is your canvas, ready to be customised to work exactly how you need it to. It has a ton of app plugins to help manage your server, and a lot are free. There are a *lot* of  games for your team to play as well, handy when you’re waiting on people for a meeting.

Customisation:  Slack: 2/10 you can make your own channels but it’s a bit messy | Zoom: 0/10 doesn’t offer this  | Discord: 10/10 this is the foundation of the app


Super Secure

In this digital age, keeping our conversations safe is non-negotiable. Discord steps up to the plate with robust security measures like two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls. This just gives us a peace of mind to focus on what really matters—fostering creativity and innovation, and just getting on with work.

Security:  All I think are a solid 10/10, I don’t think that Slack, Zoom or Discord would skimp on this. Discord does take it a step further with a pushy 2FA.


Super Easy To Use

Its intuitive design ensures everyone can jump right in and feel at home, regardless of their tech-savviness. Plus, its compatibility with a plethora of devices means your team can stay connected, whether they’re at their desk or on the move. And with a suite of integrations at your fingertips, Discord plays well with other tools your team loves, knitting everything together into a seamless tapestry of productivity. And if you’re super techy it has an API that allows for some cool integrations like the Midjourney AI tool, which can only be used via Discord.

Ease of Use:  All three are pretty easy to use. Discord has comes to the table with a lot more features and you can really do a lot once you have a Discord server in place, that has a steeper learning curve. But for basic business communication, you don’t need most of the ‘bots’ that Discord can add on to make it extra powerful. That being said, there are a vast amount of YouTube tutorials as to how to make very powerful Discord servers.


Why Discord Is The Choice For Business Communications

From my perspective, Discord is going to change the landscape of business communication. Discord is the best communication tool for business that we have found, and once businesses figure out that it exists, I think Slack and Zoom will have to rethink their offerings. With its comprehensive features, top-notch communication quality, and a keen eye on security, Discord emerges as our top pick for businesses who need a communication tool that’s both powerful, easy to use, and more importantly, free.

Love in web design, Jeannie x

Posted by: Jean Paldan

Feb 28, 2024

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