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Five Examples of Great Covid Marketing

While some companies are deciding to go dark during this weird & wild time (and not produce any marketing), some forward thinking companies are genuinely connecting with the public in a way that truly matter, and are creating some wonderful, heartfelt pieces of marketing. Pieces that will help the public remember their brands after this is well and done.


Examples of excellent pandemic marketing:

1. One of my favourite advertising pieces is from Heineken. ‘Ode to Close’ which has the exact tone that we needed during the pandemic. This touches on how we are all feeling right now.

2. Ford led the way with ‘Covid reaction advertising’ by offering financial assistance to its customers who are leasing or buying through Ford Credit. They touch on their past experience with helping through world wars and natural disasters. They produced a series of these thoughtful ads, and I think that they were the first of the big automakers to do this, and will show them as the car manufacturers who do actually care. Ford has also been giving back with manufacturing ventilators, PPE and more.



3. Dove. They nailed it home with a simple but incredibly powerful piece showing real photos of frontline Covid staff (nurses and doctors) with mask marks paired with an emotional score that hits you in the feels.



4. ‘Stay Home. Stay Playful’ by Oreo. This upbeat, happy piece showing real families playing together is short and sweet but gets the message of staying home in a very happy way (and made me want to get some Oreos).



5. This uplifting piece from British Gas is showing how we’re all dealing right now. Working from laptops, talking to colleagues at the kitchen table with kids everywhere, but British Gas is still there (knocking on your door with a gloved hand and respecting social distancing). Scored to Offenbach’s Can Can (the fast bit), this marches you right into a smile.



Digital marketing doesn’t have to stop because of the pandemic. Your website and the materials that you produce are probably more important now than ever. Companies that find creative ways to connect with their customers (and potential customers) will see this reflected once we are out of the proverbial woods.


Giving back in Oxford 


All of our current customers got the option for us to install a free ‘Covid’ message of their choice (they sent us the text that they wanted, or used our pre crafted message to work as a pop up on their website). We are also offering free web, marketing consulting and advice to businesses in Oxfordshire who are in distress. If you need some help, just send us a message and we will do our best to work with you to make sure that your business survives.


We can help with advice on marketing, social media best practices & design, web design Oxford, web development, SEO (search engine optimisation) and app development. We’re here to help businesses in Oxfordshire.



Posted by: Jean Paldan

May 16, 2020

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