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Feb 2017 Fun Web Design

Semi Finalists For Small Business of The Year for The Venus Awards

We are proud to have been selected to be in the semi finals for the Venus Awards Thames Valley Small Business of The Year.

I started Rare Form in 1998 (yes, the ’90’s people), and it has never been part of our company ethos to be a big impersonal company.  We’re a small, yet perfectly formed group that excel in our respective subjects, and we truly enjoy working together.  And I think that shows, as we’ve heard feedback from clients who have met with others in our space, and they have all generally said, ‘you guys are different…in a good way’.  I usually giggle over that and react with a ‘yeahhh, we know’.

I think the biggest difference is that the clients that we meet, we’re the people who are going to work on your project.  Yes, I’m the owner and MD…but I’m also the lead designer and marketing expert.  I *like* designing good websites, and putting together solid marketing plans.  I don’t want to book a job in ‘business development’ fashion and then move onto the next sale.  I want to work on that project with that client. I want to make sure that they are so happy and proud of their website that they show it to everyone.

For 19 years we’ve used this personal business model, and it has worked for us.  We don’t take on every project that walks through our door as we don’t have the time for it, but the ones we do, we get excited about, and we make that website rock.

A huge shoutout and thank you to the Venus Awards, and the sponsors Peninsula, Marshalls Volkswagen, Grosvenor Casinos.  We look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony in April.

Love in Rare Form, Jeannie

Posted by: Jean Paldan

Feb 28, 2017

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job with FluoRok's website. It looks amazing... If you want incredible expertise, professionalism and a fantastic final product, Rareform New Media is the place to go. It was a real pleasure working with the whole team and I look forward to continuing this collaboration as our start-up grows.