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Apr 2018 SEO Social

How Much Should I Blog?

Is Blogging once a week enough??  Is it too much??  Should I do more???? AHHHHHHHHHHH. A concerned client was in panic mode over this, so I thought we would answer the question as it is one of our most frequently asked.

My first answer is this: ‘If content is King then quality is the Emperor’.

And by this logic, we recommend ONLY pushing out content if it will be useful for the reader. If you are low on news and really cannot write about anything that will grab your readers’ attention, then wait until you do have something that is worthy of your blog.  Bad content is worse than no content.

Which leads to the next point…do you have a content creator in house? Depending on the size of your organisation, you may or may not have someone on staff to write articles for your website.  But you may have some aspiring writers, so ask your staff if they would feel comfortable creating content for your Blog. Because the worst thing next to bad content is one that is anaemic. I myself am guilty of a slightly anaemic Blog as I take the ‘quality is Emperor’ part very seriously, and would rather a quality Blog over one filled with articles that are not of use to anyone.  That being said, the goal is to be able to produce regular content that works with your organisation, and more importantly, produces results. If you are writing content for content’s sake…stop, rewind and rethink.

The Bottomline Answer:

I personally recommend for companies to start out by producing something monthly. If they can do it bi weekly or weekly that is great, but usually I find that a well written monthly Blog post will create more hits, more clicks and more engagement than one put out each week with less thought. If you can create high quality more often and have the team to do it, rock on.

Finally, if you don’t have content creators in house, or do not feel comfortable in crafting a content strategy, do not fret.  There are many companies and individuals that offer these services. At Rare Form, we do this as a part of strategic SEO campaigns, but there are many copywriters that just want to write quality content (and have a few we can recommend, just ask).

This is a part of a question and answer series that will be popping up on our blog from time to time. Do you have a business, programming, web design or SEO question you want answered? Get in touch. We are the Oxford web design agency of awesome, and we are here to answer your web design-related questions or stuff about Nerf guns…we know that too.

Posted by: Chris Hands

Apr 14, 2018

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