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Mar 2021 Web Design

Again, Again!

Last year we delivered a brand new website for Lynch Brother Homes, giving them a web presence far more befitting their reputation as Oxfordshire’s premier building services company. The new site oozed prestige and quality, much like Lynch Brother Homes themselves, and we were particularly pleased with the outcome.

The home page of Lynch Brother Homes website

Lynch Brother Homes were especially pleased with the result. So much so, that they asked us to do it all over again. Sort of.

One of the service areas that LBH offer and excel at is surface coverings – Liquid screed, spray render and plastering.  So much so, that they wanted a separate site that dealt with just this part of their business.

And since they were so happy with the design of the Lynch Brother Homes, site they wanted the same site all over again, just with a slightly different look.

The home page of the J&H Lynch Liquid Screed and Spray Rendering website

So that’s exactly what we did. J&H Lynch Liquid Screed and Spray Rendering is essentially a clone of the original Lynch Brother Homes site, with a different colour theme and primary typeface, and a site full of different content. And only a fraction of the cost of the original site, because we’d already done all the heavy lifting.

Posted by: Chris Hands

Mar 09, 2021

responsive and easy going

Allan Janes LLP

I have used Rare Form on 2 occasions to build websites, most recently for Allan Janes LLP. On both occasions the result has been fantastic. The team are responsive and easy going, and their custom CMS system is a dream to operate. Highly recommend.