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Jun 2012 SEO

SEO and google’s end-game

Being an SEO, you might be forgiven for thinking I would have some adverse reaction to Google’s new Panda update, however that’s where you would be mistaken. Panda is genuinely quite exquisite, kudos Google. Our SEO techniques still work – content orientated techniques anyway – however, blog spamming is dead. Essentially, the recent Panda update enabled Google to weed out stale websites. What we are left with are websites with dynamic, fresh content with quality backlinks. 

Our SEO mantra stays the same, write quality dynamic content, promote your articles, build link wheels, use social media to promote them and your website. Leading up to the update we started to notice stale sites begin to fall through the search rankings, whilst dynamic content pages were unaffected or in actuality started to increase in their SERPs. This ought to be no surprise as Google has always preached this philosophy.

Guess what folks, content is king. Go figure.

SEO professionals begin to get disgruntled when they start to notice stale websites begin to drop into oblivion. We used to be able to circumvent the lack of fresh content with the grinding out of back-links – regardless of quality – but this is where Penguin comes in. Penguin made practically all of the low quality links irrelevant, or at least made it so that continuing to chase low-quality links would harm your rankings; the fact is, no longer can we remain grinding out low-quality back-links. 

Penguin also unintentionally introduced another factor, a competitor could, quite easily, go around placing bad links that point to your site. This is a major concern for SEO professionals, if we weren’t paranoid enough already we now have to monitor where, if any, new links are popping up.


Google seem to be slowly taking away our SEO potency, or at least managing it so that we create a better web and Google experience. SEO professionals will evolve with Google, eventually, the profession of SEO will be watered down into a more generalized occupation of Web Presence Management, WPM anyone?

Posted by: Joss Earl

Jun 29, 2012

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