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Jul 2012 Branding SEO

SEO that works

Happy Sunday people of Oxford and beyond.  We have been busy over here at Rare Form HQ, so we thought we would give you a little update.

We have been on retainer to the lovely people at Covase for marketing, design and SEO for awhile now.  On the SEO side, we have driven them up the rankings, and today we can see them at number 1 for ‘car fleet management’  in the natural listings on Google.  Happy days.  Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, if you Google ‘web design oxford’, we’re number one for that too.  Are we the best in SEO Oxford?  Maybe, just maybe.  Bottom line, we make beautiful, bespoke websites that work.

We are also working on a rock on, very shiny brochure for Covase, which will be printed by our friends at Artisan Intelligent Print Solutions.  it is beautiful on screen, but can’t wait to see how it looks when its done.  Watch this space for a preview of some of our new logo, and design for print work.

Go forth and enjoy the sun.  Wub, Jeannie x

Posted by: Joss Earl

Jul 22, 2012

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job

A sincere thank you for the fantastic job with FluoRok's website. It looks amazing... If you want incredible expertise, professionalism and a fantastic final product, Rareform New Media is the place to go. It was a real pleasure working with the whole team and I look forward to continuing this collaboration as our start-up grows.