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A group shot of the trainers at Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts (OSTMA)

Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts

A knockout site for Oxfordshire's favourite martial arts trainers

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Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts, or OSTMA, wanted a brand new site that looked fresh and engaging, but also served as a useful tool for anyone wanting to find courses near them. As OSTMA run martial arts courses all over Oxfordshire with a team of fourteen expert sensei, it was an important consideration that this information would be as quick and easy to find as possible. As well as visual design, the site also required custom web development and bespoke photography. The result is a beautiful site that looks as good as it performs.

A screenshot of the home page of the OSTMA website
The OSTMA website displayed on a laptop on a desk
A young woman viewing the OSTMA website on an iPad
The OSTMA website displayed on an iMac
The OSTMA website displayed on a smartphone

What our clients say...

Hall Training

We rely on our website for business and enquiries in Oxford - Rare Form have not only built us a functioning website that's practical but, they've also managed to make it incredibly attractive and visually stunning. Rareform's design and launch of the new site meant we quickly saw a rise in our Google listings, and now come up number one for most of the keyword searches we were looking for - a fantastic result and would highly recommend them!