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Hall Personal Training

a healthy web presence for Oxfordshire's top personal trainers

Bespoke Website Design | Content Creation | Logo and branding design

When Hall Personal Training came to us initially, they already had a website, and it was okay. But what they really wanted was something way beyond ok, a site that not only provided all the right information but also communicated their most important asset: the company’s personality as one of the most approachable and, dare we say it, fun.

We took them to the next level by reworking their brand, helping develop a new strapline, ‘Stronger.Healthier.Happier’, and coming up with an SEO-driven beautifully created website. And it worked as they have grown exponentially since its launch, including opening two personal training studios in Oxford.  Watch this space to see how far they grow.

The Hall Personal Training website home page
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What our clients say...

Hall Training

We rely on our website for business and enquiries in Oxford - Rare Form have not only built us a functioning website that's practical but, they've also managed to make it incredibly attractive and visually stunning. Rareform's design and launch of the new site meant we quickly saw a rise in our Google listings, and now come up number one for most of the keyword searches we were looking for - a fantastic result and would highly recommend them!