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From our Oxford based studio, our graphic designers have an unparalleled depth of creative skills and design knowledge to help you show your business in its best light.  We have the ability, the ideas, and most of all the love of visual design, and we want to use it to help you look as good as you possibly can, be it on your business cards, Instagram page or trade show stand. Graphic Design used to be solely concerned with printed matters, with Digital Design being all about screens. But the boundaries have blurred over the years and Rare Form is accomplished in the skills and tools for both, as well as having the experience to know where the differences lie.

Logo Design

Your logo is the bedrock of your brand identity. Done properly, it grabs attention, conveys something of what you are, sets you apart from your competitors, makes you more memorable and even inspires trust. Done badly it can harm your business.

We will work with you to understand what your particular brand is so that we can better create a brand identity that communicates exactly who you are and where you stand. We know design, but you know your company, so we include you in the process, present options to choose from and ultimately deliver the logo your company deserves.

Branding Guidelines

Brand identity doesn’t stop at the logo. Consistency throughout all that you deliver, whatever the platform, makes you more recognisable and fosters a sense of reliability in your audience.  Branding Guidelines can not only ensure consistency of appearance in everything you do and any mention of your brand by third parties but also save time for your staff when it comes to preparing materials as the style is set, and ready to implement. 

Print Design

We have the skills and experience to design for any print requirements you may have. Whatever you can think, we can design…

  • Brochures
  • Product packaging
  • Flyers & posters
  • Tradeshow stands & materials
  • Book covers
  • Business cards
  • Promotional items
  • Vehicle wraps

Our designers have both the creative flair to produce eye-catching designs, as well as proven experience of how the designs work in different print scenarios. So not only do we know the difference between how a billboard poster and a flyer are experienced by the viewer, you can also be assured that colours and bleed will be accounted for, as well as required resolutions, whatever the job. 

Design for Digital

We want to help you make your online presence look amazing. Whether that involves sharpening up your social media presence with professional-looking graphics, preparing Google Ads at all the appropriate sizes and ratios, or designing templates for your marketing emails that make you look like a million dollars, we can provide the goods.  Whatever you need, have a chat with our design team and they will help you look your best on screen.