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The title of this article over a mock up of the Google search page with "why do you hate me?" as the search term

Why does Google hate me?

Chris Hands


This was one of my favourite questions from a client. It was during the workshop for the new website he had commissioned from us, and he just couldn’t understand why his previous site wasn’t doing well in…

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The title of this article over a picture of a magnifying glass picking SEO out of a lot of text

What is SEO in Web Design (and why is it important)?

Chris Hands


Search Engine Optimisation, strictly speaking, is the process of making websites more visible to search engines like Google so that they can be indexed better and have more chance of appearing in relevant searches. That, in the…

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Is Google Going to Monetize Google My Business?

Jean Paldan


Google sent a survey that indicates that it is looking towards charging a monthly subscription  for Google My Business features. We dig down into the GMB subscription models, the proposed features and what paying for GMB ‘premium’…

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How Much Should I Blog?

Chris Hands


Is Blogging once a week enough??  Is it too much??  Should I do more???? AHHHHHHHHHHH. A concerned client was in panic mode over this, so I thought we would answer the question as it is one of…

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