Rare Form

Web Design in Oxford

A pair of arms reaching for weights on a rack

Hall Personal Training

Chris Hands

May 25, 2022

When Hall Personal Training came to us initially, they already had a website, and it was okay. But what they really wanted was something way beyond ok, a site that not only provided all the right information but also…

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A portrait of Anna Sherman

Anna Sherman

Chris Hands

May 31, 2022

Anna Sherman is a talented author who came to us to design her new website for her debut book The Bells of Old Tokyo.  We worked with her to create a logo/brand, and created a web design that was reflective of her…

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A portrait of Faye Mellington in Scrubs and loupes ready for surgery

Faye Mellington


April 14, 2021

Faye Mellington came to us as she liked one of our other websites and needed a new logo, brand and website that reflected her personality, and showcased her work as a eye surgeon.  We even came up with…

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