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A portrait of Joanne Salley against a white background

Jul 2012 Fun Social

The lovley Joanne Salley

Joanne Salley – a bubbly personality from Nothern Ireland – visited our office today, she comes to us with a colourful history of prestige and notoriety.  Joanne waltzes through our doors, instantly lifting the mood with her infectious personality. Once courted by World Cup winning Rugby player Matt Dawson and England Polo captain Henry Brett, Joanne definitely has the looks, but if you peer a little deeper you will find a complex, intelligent and highly creative individual. You can also check off former Miss Northern Ireland, Miss UK runner up, accomplished ballerina and Cambridge graduate.

We developed a “coming soon” page for Joanne, this page was designed to be simple yet engaging for users, offering quick social media access. It’s these kinds of pages that offer a stepping stone while her website is being created, and raising her profile.

The design is simplistic and clean, very ‘apple like’ with a splash of colour. To keep the simplicity and uncluttered feel to the page, some well-timed javascript has been added, bringing in the necessary icons. A splash of colour, yellow and piercing blue/green eyes dominate the page.

All the best to Joanne Salley and thank you for gracing our office.

Posted by: Joss Earl

Jul 01, 2012

The team is bursting with creativity

Cotswold Barristers

In a crowded market-place, Rareform New Media stands out. The team is bursting with creativity, and responsive to your aims on promoting your business's culture. They are always a pleasure to deal with. No better place to interpret and present your unique offering.