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Sep 2012 Geek

Will the iPhone 5 live up to the hype?

With the announcement of the iPhone 5 and the tweaked iPods now been and gone, with no word of the hotly rumoured iPad mini. Apple, the genius marketers that they are, had once again managed to create a media frenzy before their keynote event. These events stereotypically involved a congregation of share and stakeholders, gathered around a presentation and were seen as more of a monotonous formality. Apple and Steve Jobs transformed said event, turning these presentations into a genuine occasion, and an excitement formed around their products never before seen within the technology or business world.

After an almost non-existent period during the ’90s, Apple’s famous keynotes commanded much less of an impact. Partly due to the departure of Jobs. With the revolutionary iPod and their returning messiah – Steve Jobs – Apple was once again able to create a seismal impression on the media. Culminating in 2007 with the now infamous original iPhone presentation. From that moment onward, every Apple Keynote would create a whirlwind of hype and anticipation.

Here we are then, five years on, riding on the crest of yet another wave of media hype and crushing expectation. The difference is that this time Steve Jobs will not be making the speech. We’ve witnessed keynotes before from Apple without Steve, however, they were, generally, an “evolution” of a product, not a “revolution”. Whether you see the iPhone 5 as revolutionary is another matter. This time the world is expecting more, we expect to see a revolution on the scale of the original iPhone. How Apple will handle that expectation without Steve is intriguing, to say the least. This was Steve’s last project, something that he probably knew might be his last too. The last device to be directly influenced by Steve Jobs ought to carry its own weight and expectancy.

What else revolutionary is there to do with the current crop of smartphones? There is a shift coming. Some of us have foreseen it, but this Keynote may not be it. Google could be onto something with Google Glass, however, they are not best known for their product launches. Has Apple reached such a peak that whenever they launch a new device it will always end up being followed by disappointment? Have the bloated expectations of each launch been their own making? It is possible, though it’s a predicament most organizations wish they had.

Posted by: Jean Paldan

Sep 25, 2012

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