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Aug 2012 Development Social

Dudeeeee. We’re hiring people to help us dominate Oxford.

You read right.  The best web design company in Oxford is on the lookout for two new people to join our ranks.  Below are details of the positions on offer…but first, I must digress.

When you work for Rare Form, you’re joining our little family.  Which means we have to like you, and you have to fit in with us, which isn’t hard to do as I have heard we are quite likeable.  We like honest, hard-working people who enjoy the pub from time to time, going to the movies, etc so we can go out on a Friday early and have some fun.  When Total Recall comes out, that will be a staff trip…the MD requires it to be so.

And of course, there are the epic Nerf gun battles.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your own gun, they will be provided. We have swords too.

If you happen to dig on gaming (World of Warcraft, Magic, Call of Duty, Diablo III, etc etc) that is a bonus. We are currently deciding whether or not to get a PS3 or an Xbox for the office.

In other news, our 15th anniversary is March 2013, and we will be having a big ol’ black-tie event, complete with a pig roast (in the garden of the Oxford Union).  It will be the fun.

So that being said, we want someone who enjoys a relaxed working environment, takes pride in their work, loves making awesomesauce websites, believes that loyalty and family are important, and seriously wants to be a part of what we are at Rare Form.

We’re taking over Oxford…come be part of the domination.


Skills required:  HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.  Would be helpful if you knew HTML5, WordPress/CMS systems and were at least familiar with Photoshop (as you need to be able to chop up our designer’s designs).  You will not have to design anything yourself…the designers do that for you.  You just get to make it work.  A degree is NOT necessary, we just want someone who can program and fits in with us.

You will be working directly with the top-level programmers and will have the ability to strengthen your skills.  There are advancement opportunities for the right candidates.  We have even been known to give partial ownership/shares to people who are committed to the vision of Rare Form.


Skills required:  HTML/CSS, knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

You will be working with our top programmers, as well as the person who takes the above position.  We want someone who is ready to hit the ground running and learn learn learn.  The last three interns that we have brought on, we have hired.  And one that we wanted to hire, but he insisted that he must go to University.  You will also be expected to populate websites and do what needs to be done around the office. But don’t worry, we treat our interns as human beings, not coffee fetchers.  Sometimes lunch fetchers, though.  🙂  Oh, and you can be in charge of the Nerf gun collection.

Interested?  Send your CV to howdy(at)rareformnewmedia.com  We’re scheduling interviews now.  We hope you have a happy Sunday.


Posted by: Joss Earl

Aug 18, 2012

got our vibe perfectly!

NV Management

Thank you for producing such a high quality website for NV Management. Our strapline is Let's Create Something Different and we love Chris' design, he got our vibe perfectly!