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Jul 2012 Web Design

How to find the right web designer, and not get burned.

Some web designers suck.  And because of that, we have been approached by clients who have had less than stellar experiences with having their website built.  Here’s a quick guide to find the perfect web design team.

Step 1. Find out if they do all of the work in-house.

We live in a global world, because of this a lot of companies use outside…or veryyyy outside help as they don’t have the experience to do the work themselves. (These companies outsource to different countries, cheaper labour, and this applies to the all parts of the project: design, programming and SEO).

Pro tip:  if you’re looking to update our site or create a new one, you will want a custom solution.  Avoid companies that sell template websites. These are sites that are pre-designed and sold on the internet, that some lesser web houses use to maximise their profit from you.  So always ask your web designer: do you use pre-made templates?

Step 2. Find out if they have people in-house who have a solid background in marketing.

Your website is your online advertisement. If done correctly, it will be the core part, of all of the marketing that you do. Coordinated marketing plans that cover your online and offline marketing help you effectively develop and promote your business.

One of our clients at Rare Form thanked us for helping them to get the most out of their website. Rupert Lassen from the Isys Group said, ‘Since we launched our new website, we have had our best quarter ever, turning over a profit of a quarter of a million pounds in new business.’   At Rare Form, we coordinate on-page and ongoing SEO plans for our clients that produce results.

Bottom line – websites are a heckuva lot more effective if you have SEO and a marketing strategy behind it.  Make sure you have professionals behind your project that understand this.

Step 3. Find out if they have people in house whose background is in programming and software development.

You need people who not only can program, but are darn good at it. Good software engineers can work to not only build a shiny website but also work with you to streamline your business and build custom solutions so you can work more efficiently.

For example, one of our clients, Revital, (the largest independent retailer of natural products in the UK) was looking for a better way to work and present themselves online. We integrated their Retail Pro backend system and customised their website to manage their products exactly the way they wanted.  Basically we streamlined the way that they worked, saving them countless man-hours.

The nutshell.

Make sure you hire a team that knows their design, marketing/SEO, and programming inside out. Check that they do it all in house, don’t use templates, and you will get a website that works.

Posted by: Joss Earl

Jul 01, 2012

an absolute pleasure working with you all

Shirley Sherwood Collection

A heartfelt THANK YOU for a job really well done with the SSC website. The site looks fabulous...and has been a huge success in the botanical art community. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. You have been blessedly patient and I appreciate that more than you can imagine. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship as we grow and develop.