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On location with Aphama

As bloated grey clouds slug their way across the British Isles you might be forgiven in thinking 50 Shades of Grey was a Met Office forecast instead of a top-selling book of debauchery. Let’s be honest it’s been a gloomy week for all of us, well, except for me that is. Excuse me while a smug smirk creeps across my face but allow me to tell you about my past week, a silver lining piercing these grey clouds.

Working in the Web Design and Marketing industry we often encounter many fantastic opportunities to work with incredible people. I came across such an opportunity last week much to the jealousy of the entire office, particularly Sam. What could cause such unabated envy? First a little back-story. Here at Rare Form, we have been fortunate enough to work with Claire Hanson and the Association of Professional Hair & Makeup Artists aka Aphama. Claire is a wonderful individual, a genius makeup artist with an infectious personality. Together with her is Dominique Ventura, Claire’s partner, an exceedingly French personality whose back story is so colourful and rich attempting to do it justice would only serve to undermine his accolades so I’ll just let you discover them for yourselves, here. Along with them is Katherine from Parisax, who very much like Dominique and Claire is a wonderfully unique character. Parisax is a France based makeup company that has decided to work with Claire and Aphama.

For the launch of Aphama’s new site – which we built of course – we decided to set up a photo shoot that would showcase the quality of Aphama and Parisax. We brought in four fantastic models for Claire to work with and brought them to a location out in Witney, Oxford. Our location is a multi-million-pound country house, a truly fantastic location for a photo shoot. I know what you’re thinking, so when exactly do I come in? Well, I was there to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible, providing food, drink and whatever else the set needed, I was also a handy light man and backup photographer.

I spent my day surrounded by ludicrously beautiful models, truly fantastic and interesting characters, and I enjoyed every second. The shoot itself went faultlessly, Glenn our photographer used the house’s natural beauty and diverse scenery to create wonderful shots. Believe it or not one of the days was even sunny and we were able to take some outdoor shots.

When I arrived back to work yesterday, I had the glow of someone returning from vacation, Sam I’m afraid had more of the green eyed monster look.


Posted by: Jean Paldan

Jul 19, 2012

Great support and service

33 Beaumont St

Great support and service from the fantastic team at Rare Form on getting our new website up and running. So pleased with the efficient manner in which the works were completed... and all delivered in an affordable package